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Σειρά Classic


Η σειρά Classic Teeth χωρίζεται σε δύο εμπρόσθιες και δύο οπίσθιες σειρές δοντιών.

Αυτές οι σειρές δοντών είναι: Οι ανατομικά σχεδιασμένες σειρές μας εμπρόσθιων δοντιών Optostar και Optodent (ολικές και μερικές οδοντοστοιχίες) και οι σειρές μας οπίσθιων δοντιών Optognath (ολικέςκαι μερικές οδοντοστοιχίες) για ανατομικές και OptοC al (ολικές και γεροντολογικές οδοντοστοιχίες) με μονές μασητικές επιφάνειες.

Πλεονεκτήματα με μια ματιά:
  • Ευρεία γκάμα από αποχρώσεις και σχήματα
  • Ειδική επίστρωση που επιτρέπει τέλεια προσαρμογή στην ήδη υπάρχουσα οδοντοστοιχία
  • Ανώτερου επιπέδου φυσιολογική λειτουργία, ακριβής ενδοστοματική σύγκλιση, τέλεια μασητική επιφάνεια, ακόμα και διανομή του μασητικού φορτίου.
  • Διαμόρφωση των ορίων που υποστηρίζει το προσαρμογή της υπάρχουσας οδοντοστοιχία ακόμα και σε συνθήκες ακραίας απορρόφησης των ούλων.
  • Η οπή στον αυχένα βελτιώνει τη συγκόλληση στο υλικό βάσης της οδοντοστοιχίας και εξαλείφει την ανάγκη για τρόχισμα
Multilayered anterior teeth
The wide range of shades and moulds available with these anatomically shaped teeth permits perfect adaptation to existing dentition or in the situation where complete dentures are indicated. The special layer of the Optostar ensures that the teeth look natural under any light. Optostar is a 4-layer-tooth and Optodent a 3-layer-tooth.
With their high degree of translucency in the incisal and approximal regions, they offer your dentist customers and their patients anterior teeth with an appearance guaranteed to match that of nature under all ambient or artificial lighting conditions.
This 4-layered anterior tooth offers exceptional translucency through the enamel layer covering both the lingual and labial surfaces. Opalescent bluish white incisal edges and individual characteristics make this an artificial tooth of choice that is indistinguishable from natural dentition.
The natural looking 3-layered anterior tooth offers translucency, opacity, individual characterization and the unique surface contours. Together these give Optodent its vivid appearance and natural vitality. Optodent, like Optostar with its contours at the margins, is ideal for matching existing dentition even when extreme gingival recession is present.
  • Diversified product assortment
  • Optimal adjustment to the surrounding area in the mouth

  • Full dentures
  • Partial dentures
Delivery form Optostar:
Shades: 16 shades, A1– D4
Moulds: 23 upper anterior moulds, 12 lower anterior moulds
Delivery form Optodent:
Shades: 16 Bio-Ivo shades
Moulds: 23 upper anterior moulds, 12 lower anterior moulds
Within the Classic teeth line you can choose between two posterior teeth lines: Optognath and Optocal
Optognath – posterior teeth with anatomical occlusal surfaces
The Optognath posterior tooth provides superior physiological function, accurate intercuspal relationship, perfect occlusion and even distribution of masticatory load.
The unique hollow neck improves bonding to the denture base material and eliminates the need for any grinding. Optognath guarantees fast and easy laboratory set up and first time fit in the patient’s mouth.
  • Multiple contact points
  • Optimum inter-cuspidation
  • Fast and easy set up
  • Proven occlusion

  • Full dentures
  • Partial dentures
Delivery form Optognath
Shades: 16 shades A1– D4
Moulds: 5 upper posterior moulds, 5 lower posterior moulds
Delivery form optognath Bio-Ivo:
shades: 16 Bio-Ivo shades
moulds: 5 upper posterior moulds, 5 lower posterior moulds
Optocal- posterior teeth with flat plane occlusal surfaces
Optocal is a two-layered posterior tooth specifically designed using the “concave template” principle for difficult cases where complete dentures are indicated. The unique flat plane occlusal surface guarantees unrestricted movements and easy occlusion
  • Higher degree of freedom regarding centric relation
  • Flat plane occlusal surface
  • Special concave template for ease of working and excellent articulation
  • Gentle on soft tissue due to elimination of all horizontal components. Lateral shear is reduced to a minimum on the denture-supporting tissue making the fir comfortable for the patient.

  • Full dentures
  • Gerodontology
Delivery form Optocal:
Shades: 6 shades, A2 A3, A3.5, A4, B3, D3
Moulds: 2 upper posterior moulds, 2 lower posterior moulds
The INCOMP process – for bubble and void-free teeth:
  • The worldwide unique fabrication process prevents porosities and inclusions in denture teeth and ensures extreme density
  • The result: Reliable quality of every tooth


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