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Artic – Είναι πράγματι μια εύκολη επιλογή

Με την πολυστρωματική, φυσική αισθητική τους, τα δόντια Artic επιτρέπουν τέλεια προσαρμογή στην ήδη υπάρχουσα οδοντοστοιχία και είναι συμβατό με τις περισσότερες οδοντοστοιχίες.

Πλεονεκτήματα με μια ματιά:
  • Εύκολη προσαρμογή στην υπάρχουσα οδοντοστοιχία
  • Διαθέσιμο με 3 οπίσθια μασητικά σημεία (γωνιώσεις)
  • Ιδανική μασητική μορφολογία

Artic – it truly is an easy choice

Artic 6 – Anteriors with exceptional aesthetics for all standard applications
Artic is a multilayered, life-like, aesthetically pleasing anterior tooth.
This anatomically shaped tooth permits perfect adaptation to existing dentition and to complete dentures.
The characteristic multilayered structure of Artic 6 allows exact matching of reflection curves in both natural and artificial teeth.
With its high degree of translucency in the incisal and approximal regions, if offers dentists and their patients anterior teeth with an appearance guaranteed to match natural dentition under all ambient or artificial lighting conditions.
  • Perfect adaptation to existing dentition
  • Diversified product portfolio
Delivery form
Shades 16 shades, A1-D4
Moulds 23 upper anterior moulds, 10 lower anterior moulds
The posteriors are available in three different angulations
Artic 8 - 0°

  • Multilayered posterior tooth with a unique plane flat occlusal surface
  • Gentle on soft tissue due to elimination of all horizontal components. Lateral shear is reduced to a minimum on the denture-supporting tissue making the fit comfortable for the patient
Artic 8 – 10°

  • Multilayered posterior tooth for all indications
  • Unique occlusal surface guarantees unrestricted movements and easy occlusion
  • Multiple contact points
Artic 8 – 20°

  • Multilayered posterior tooth with functional contouring of occlusal surface
  • Exact central occlusion
  • Multiple contact points
  • Optimum intercuspidation

Delivery form

Shades 16 shades, A1-D4
Moulds 8 upper posterior moulds, 8 lower posterior moulds
The INCOMP Process –for porosity free denture teeth:
  • The worldwide unique fabrication process prevents porosities and inclusions in denture teeth and ensures extreme density
  • The result: Reliable quality of every tooth

Πληροφορίες προϊόντων

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