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Αναλώσιμα υλικά για στεφάνες και γέφυρες

Για εξαιρετική αισθητική ή για μία βάση για επικάλυψη: Οι υπέρσκληρες γύψοι μας είναι ιδανικές για προετοιμασία ακριβέστατων, λεπτομερών μοντέλων.
Hera GPP 99 gold polishing paste
Hera GPP 99 gold polishing paste was specially developed for high lustre polishing of soft high gold content alloys.
Delivery form: 300 g pack
Art. code: 6460 1356
Hera UL 99 universal flux
Hera UL 99 is a universal flux for all precious metal dental alloys and is especially adaptable for soldering ceramic bonding alloys. Hera UL 99 protects from oxidation even at high working temperatures Any flux residues after soldering can be removed with Hera AM 99.
Delivery form: 30 g tin
Art. code: 6450 0971
Hera separating discs for precious metal alloys
The separating discs are available in thickness of 0.2 and 0.3 mm and are particularly suited for economical cutting of precious metal alloys.
Delivery form: Art. code:
100 pieces, Ø 22 mm
0.2 mm thick 6460 0394
0.3 mm thick 6460 1061
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